In the everyday lives of consumers, trademarks play a significant role in influencing purchasing decisions.

What is a trademark?

Trademarks are Intellectual Property (IP) rights granted to certain names, symbols, logos or phrases. A trademark allows the owner to use the name or design while also giving greater protection that it won’t be used by anybody else. The choice of your trademark can be vital when starting your business. Here’s why…

Trademarks are a representation of your brand

Trademarks are a representation of your company’s identity. The unique names, slogans, symbols, logos and graphics you develop for your company help in the identification of your products and services. Consumers will be able to tell your products from those of competitors owing to distinctive trademarks.

If you are newly starting a business, you may be confused by the notion of trademarks and copyrights. Both are kinds of IP protection. Names, slogans and logos, on the other hand, are not protected by copyright. Copyright helps in the protection of an original piece of work. This includes literary works such as books, performing arts such as musical compositions and lyrics, virtual arts such as artwork and illustrations, photography, motion pictures and architectural works. The creator of these works is deemed the author, and they have copyright protection.

Trademarks help in the development of your new brand’s reputation

Trademarks are used to establish the uniqueness of a product or service. They can also be used to prevent competitors from using similar products or services, and they ensure that consumers know where to find your products or services.

Customers can notice and recognise your brand in a crowded marketplace if your trademark is visible. Think about the apple emblem from Apple. Even from a distance, you can tell which company the logo belongs to.

A successful trademark can impact customer purchasing decisions and conjure up positive, strong signals about your brand. In the case of Apple, it is connected to electronic devices. Apple products are offered to customers worldwide. It is so evident that the corporation claims it is the largest tech company in the world.

The registration of a trademark grants its owners exclusive rights

Until a trademark is registered, a competitor firm can begin using it on its own goods or services as an unregistered trademark, often not knowing about anyone else’s IP rights.  Without having a registered trademark, you run the risk of another business using your name or mark – and your options to protect your name will be limited.

How do I get a trademark for my start-up?

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