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Signes Extérieurs de Richesse

Asking price : £5,500.00 *

Trademark :Signes Extérieurs de Richesse

Asking price :£5,500.00 *

Classes :
12 : Vehicles
18 : Leather, leather imitations and travel goods and bags
25 : Clothing, footwear and headwear

Status :Marque renouvelée

Application Number :3255025

Application Date :4 November 2003

Priority Date :N/A

Registration Number :3255025

Registration Date :N/A

Expiry/Renewal Date :4 November 2023

Territory :France

Type of mark :Word

Owner/Registrant :N/A

Agent :MARK & LAW

* Offers accepted :Yes

Domain Names included :

Additional Information :

Simple translation of goods :
air vehicles; hovercrafts; planes; boats; seaplanes; hydroplanes; motor bicycles; sport scar; vehicles with locomotion by ground, air, water and on rail; electric vehicle; cover of vehicle; cars; yachts. – boxes, cases out of leather or leather board; purses; portfolios; carry-map [wallet]; boxes with leather hats; cases for keys [leather goods]; trunks of travel; box intended to contain toilet articles known as “vanity boxes”; “necklace for animals”; document-case; cases for documents; carry currency not in precious metals; umbrellas; sunshades; wallets; bags, sachets [envelopes, small pockets, for packing] out of leather; handbags; travel bags; towels [leather goods], travelling case [leather goods]; bag; trunks of travel. – clothing; shoes; hat industry; bathrobes; bathing suit; bandanas (scarves); bars (bonnet); bonnets; put boots on; boots; pants; girdle [clothing]; purse girdles [clothing]; shawls; dressing gown; hats; socks; slippers; stoles [furs]; furs [clothing]; raincoats [clothing]; gloves [clothing]; articles of clothing; skirts; lavallières; cuffs; small pocket [clothing]; pullovers; dresses; pyjamas; underwear; t-shirt; jackets; clothing in imitation leather; caps; put on a tie; scarves; thin layer; turbans.

All trademark data is provided in good faith by the registrant or their legal representative. However, we advise all buyers to undertake their own due diligence on the status of the mark directly with the records of the relevant Intellectual Property Office to ensure they are considering the most recent official data.

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