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Asking price : *

Trademark :JETPOOL

Asking price : *

Classes :
09 : Scientific, research, navigation, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, audio
41 : Education and entertainment services, shows, sporting events, training

Status :Registered

Application Number :UK00003421943

Application Date :16 August 2019

Priority Date :N/A

Registration Number :UK00003421943

Registration Date :15 November 2019

Expiry/Renewal Date :16 August 2029

Territory :United Kingdom

Type of mark :Word


Agent :Bird & Bird LLP

* Offers accepted :Yes

Domain Names included :

Additional Information :

Price on request

In addition to the trademark and the two domain names ( and, the following social media handles are included with the sale:

* Instagram: @jetpoolshow
* Facebook: @jetpoolshow
* TikTok: @jetpoolshow
* YouTube: (can be set up using the website domain details)

Full trademark classification
Class 9
Recorded media; DVDs and other digital recording media; pre-recorded videos and DVDs; downloadable applications; downloadable publications; downloadable electronic publications and books; downloadable media in the field of health, nutrition, food and travel; podcasts; downloadable podcasts; downloadable audio files; downloadable videos; downloadable educational media.

Class 41
Entertainment; live entertainment; radio entertainment; television entertainment; audio entertainment; production of live, audio or video entertainment; creation of podcasts; provision of entertainment via podcast; preparation, production, performance and presentation of podcasts, radio and television programmes; entertainment services, namely, arranging, organising, conducting and hosting social entertainment events, live presentations, debates, panel discussions; educational and entertainment services, namely, providing motivational and educational speakers; education and training in relation to health, nutrition and food; workshops, seminars, retreats and camps [entertainment and education] in the field of health, nutrition and food; educational information on health, nutrition, food and travel provided via a website; non-downloadable content and publications in the field of health, nutrition, food and travel; online electronic publishing of books, periodicals, newsletters and training guides; providing on-line newsletters in the field of health, nutrition, food and travel; conducting on-line educational programs in the fields of health, nutrition and food; provision of non-downloadable videos; writing services for blogs; publishing services; creation of educational content for podcasts; information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforesaid services.

All trademark data is provided in good faith by the registrant or their legal representative. However, we advise all buyers to undertake their own due diligence on the status of the mark directly with the records of the relevant Intellectual Property Office to ensure they are considering the most recent official data.

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