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Asking price : £5,000.00 *

Trademark :C

Asking price :£5,000.00 *

Classes :
16 : Books, paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials
25 : Clothing, footwear and headwear
28 : Games and playthings
36 : Financial and monetary services
41 : Education and entertainment services, shows, sporting events, training

Status :Marque renouvelée

Application Number :3255026

Application Date :4 November 2003

Priority Date :N/A

Registration Number :3255026

Registration Date :N/A

Expiry/Renewal Date :4 November 2023

Territory :France

Type of mark :Combined

Owner/Registrant :N/A

Agent :MARK & LAW

* Offers accepted :Yes

Domain Names included :

Additional Information :

Simple translation of goods :
box of game out of paperboard or paper; notebooks; cards; paperboards; catalogue; ticket [tickets]; tickets, tickets and coupons for games to scrape; impression; tickets and cards of board games; display; albums; newspapers of cartoons; calendars; pencils; figurines (statuettes) out of papier-mâché; handbooks of games; seals (seals); table cover (out of paper); typographical characters. – clothing; shoes; hat industry; bathrobes; bathing suit; bandanas (scarves); bars (bonnet); bonnets; put boots on; boots; pants; girdle [clothing]; purse girdles [clothing]; shawls; dressing gown; hats; socks; slippers; stoles [furs]; furs [clothing]; raincoats [clothing]; gloves [clothing]; articles of clothing; skirts; lavallières; cuffs; small pocket [clothing]; pullovers; dresses; pyjamas; underwear; t-shirt; jackets; clothing in imitation leather; caps; put on a tie; scarves; thin layer; turbans. – games; toys; dice (games) and pawns of games; sets of dominos; board games; money games; sets of failures; machinery and devices for the ninepins; automatic games [machines] with prépaiement; devices of electronic game other than those conceived to be only used with television receiver; tokens for games; billiard table to prépaiement; devices of conjurers; revolving plates of caster; metal discs; devices of gymnastics; sets of rings; decorations for Christmas trees [except the lighting fixtures and the sugar refineries]; supports for Christmas trees; jokes traps; swings; game points; balloons; rocking horses [toys]; feeding-bottles of headstocks; ball-test for games; blocks of construction [toy]; candies with detonators; carry candles for Christmas trees; balls of game; soap bubbles [toy]; theatre and mask; mobiles [toy]; scale models of vehicles; artificial snow for Christmas tree; teddy bear; cuddly toys [toy]; spray [toy]; boards with casters; headstocks; doll’s houses; toboggan; spinning tops [toy]; kites; child’s scooters; vehicles [toy]. Banking business, constitution and investment of capital, broking in Stock Exchange, exchange transactions; financial business, financial analyses; estimate of art objects; real estate agencies; financial estimate (insurance, banks, real); management of fortunes; financial sponsorship; emission of traveler’s checks; fiduciary services, financial transaction; monetary business, consultation and estimate out of financial matter, electronic transfer of funds, insurances, consultation and information as regards insurances, broking in insurances. Edition of the game; service of casino [games]; money games; organization of lotteries; services of games suggested online [starting from a computer network]; information as regards recreation, of entertainment, service of leisures; amusement parks; radiophonic entertainment; game show; publication of books; production of films; edition of book, of reviews, all types of publications; movie studios; plannings of reception (entertainment); reservation of places of shows; organization of competition; organization of exhibitions to cultural and educational goals.

All trademark data is provided in good faith by the registrant or their legal representative. However, we advise all buyers to undertake their own due diligence on the status of the mark directly with the records of the relevant Intellectual Property Office to ensure they are considering the most recent official data.

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