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Trademark :15TH DEGREE

Asking price : *

Classes :
05 : Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, medicines
30 : Foodstuffs of plant origin prepared for consumption such as coffee, tea, cereals and bread
32 : Beer and non

Status :LIVE

Application Number :N/A

Application Date :N/A

Priority Date :N/A

Registration Number :N/A

Registration Date :N/A

Expiry/Renewal Date :N/A

Territory :uk, eu and us

Type of mark :Word

Owner/Registrant :Fifteen Degrees Ltd

Agent :Bird & Bird LLP

* Offers accepted :Yes

Domain Names included :

Additional Information :

Price on request

This purchase is for the following trademarks:

* UK: 3233288 and 801455994
* EU: 1455994
* US: 5999120

In addition to the two domain names ( &, the following social media handles are included:

* Instagram: @15thdegree
* Facebook: @15thdegree
* LinkedIn: @15thdegree
* YouTube: (can be set up using the website domain details)

Full trademark classification
Class 5 Dietary supplements; dietetic preparations; vitamins and vitamin preparations; vitamin supplements; vitamin tablets; effervescent vitamin tablets; multi-vitamin preparations; mineral supplements; health food supplements made principally of vitamins; probiotic supplements; food supplements; meal replacement drinks; meal replacement powders; meal replacement bars; digestive enzymes; vitamin-enriched food supplements; nutritional supplements; liquid nutritional supplements; antioxidants; antioxidant pills; dietary supplemental drinks in the nature of vitamin and mineral beverages; nutritional drink mix for use as a meal replacement or supplement; medicinal herbs.
Class 30 Beverages, tea and coffee; tea and coffee products; coffee beans; coffee substitutes; tea bags; fruit and herbal teas, fruit and herbal infusions; green tea; white tea; flavoured teas; iced tea; tea substitutes; instant coffee; ground coffee; coffee beans; chocolate and cocoa-based beverages; confectionery; chocolate based products; ice cream; bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, cookies; preparations for making the aforesaid goods; granola, sugar, sugar cubes and sticks; sauces, spices; flavourings, flavouring syrups, essences; herbal honey.
Class 32 Mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; powder for making drinks; coffee-flavoured, non-alcoholic drinks and soft drinks; coffee-flavoured syrups, made for making beverages; coffee-flavoured bottled waters, sparkling waters, mineral waters, fruit juices; sparkling fruit and juice based beverages and soda beverages, juices and soft drinks.

All trademark data is provided in good faith by the registrant or their legal representative. However, we advise all buyers to undertake their own due diligence on the status of the mark directly with the records of the relevant Intellectual Property Office to ensure they are considering the most recent official data.

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