Hi INTA delegate!

We hope you had (or are still having!) a good conference and have enjoyed your stay in wonderful Singapore.

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RedCoin IP is a platform for buying and selling registered trademarks. It allows trademark owners to rationalise their portfolios to monetise on unused or unwanted IP, while giving trademark buyers the opportunity to own a mark that is already registered and ready to use.

It is a simple, secure and easy-to-use platform that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate directly with one another, safe in the knowledge that the money is held in escrow while the exchange of assignment documents takes place.

With the RedCoin IP platform you can:

  • Create slick trademark sales listings verified against IPO records
  • Buy ready-made live registered trademarks
  • Receive and transfer funds with an integrated escrow payment system
  • Direct message between buyers and sellers
  • Benefit from a simple fee and commission structure
  • Get preferential rates for IP representatives and Premium account holders

Setting up your account:

  • To set up an account to sell trademarks, please click here
  • To set up an account to buy trademarks, please click here

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There is more information available about the RedCoin IP service, including helpful ‘how to’ guides available below.