Trademark Buying & Selling. One Stop Solution


Live, genuine registered trademarks are held on the site, offered for sale by their owners


The price and terms are negotiated directly between the owner and a potential buyer


All funds securely held in escrow until the assignment agreements are signed, ensuring peace of mind for everyone

Behind the

Once the mark has been listed, we begin our hard work. A random selection will be listed on the front page. We work hard in the background putting the marks onto social media sites, and managing the SEO settings to ensure the listings appear high on search engine results. The more we push them out to a wide audience, the better the possibility of a good buyer coming in to buy for the asking price.

Why Choose REDCOIN® IP

RedCoin® IP is an advanced platform for buying and selling trademarks

All sellers are verified to confirm they are the legal owners or authorised representatives of the trademarks on sale

Current and reliable trademark data is extracted via a secure API

Buyers negotiate and message directly with sellers on the RedCoin platform meaning no mix ups

All sale transactions are managed through – one of the world’s leading and safest escrow providers

Simple fee and commission structure

RedCoin works on more than just keeping the site secure

RedCoin spends a lot of time behind the scenes ensuring the service works simply, safely and securely for both buyers and sellers. We ensure all sellers are verified to ensure they are either the owner of the mark, the legal representative of the owner or the liquidator appointed to dispose of the mark. We also spend much time in promoting some listings to potential buyers through direct advertising, mailshots and social media channels.

We are also busy working on the next phases of the platform’s development – we’re excited with the next steps we’re planning, and if there are any changes or improvments you’d like to see, please drop us a line at – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

The RedCoin team has been active in IP for over 25 years. We have been negotiating the acquisition of trademarks since the late 1990s and currently provide this service through eccora.