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An advanced platform, providing simple, smooth and secure trademark transactions

All sale transactions are managed through – one of the world’s leading and safest escrow providers

All sellers are verified to confirm they are the legal owners or legal representatives of the trademarks for sale

Trademark data is confirmed as being current and accurate

Buyers interact and communicate directly with sellers on the RedCoin® messaging system, meaning no mix ups

The founders of RedCoin® have been active in Intellectual Property (IP) for over 25 years and have a broad and extensive knowledge and experience within the IP industry

About Us

RedCoin IP is a tech-enabled IP service company. We operate an online marketplace bringing buyers and sellers of trademarks together – simply, smoothly and securely. The company was spun out of a long-standing IP service company whose team have worked in the IP profession since the 1990s.

  • Monetise and recycle old IP
  • Single or bulk uploads to create slick sales listings
  • Secure platform with integrated escrow payment system
  • Direct messaging system between buyers and sellers
  • Simple fee and commission structure


if you are a


Upload your trademarks, either singly or in multiples. The secure API to a trademark database will help the process


Wait for buyers to contact you, either to ask about the mark or to negotiate a price


Discuss contracts or assignment document while the money is safely held


Once the assignment documents have been signed, the funds are released directly to you

if you are a


Find a trademark using our smart, flexible integrated search tool


Negotiate the price and terms directly with the owner directly through the platform


Pay the agreed sum into the escrow facility then negotiate and sign the relevant assignment agreement


Your funds are held until the agreements are signed, then released to the seller


You search for a trademark you want, remembering to add the classes and territories you want it in, and select the one you want. Agree to the asking price, or use the secure messaging system, to discuss the proposed price of the mark with the owner and agree a price. You will need to get the assignment documents ready (use an IP professional to advise on what is needed and get the documents from the IPO) then deposit the asking price in the escrow account. Sign the document and send it to the seller; wait for it to be returned and file it with the IPO. The money is automatically paid to the seller and the mark will be transferred to you.

All you will pay for on the site is the trademark – and you have to have the money before the assignment documents are signed. If you are not an IP professional, you will also probably need to pay for the services of one to prepare the assignment documentation

Yes. There is a 24-hour cooling off period during which you can contact the seller to withdraw the offer. After 24 hours your offer is binding.

It is to protect brand owners and ensure that the trade mark is only sold by the legal owner, or authorised legal representative of the trademark

You can list a single mark or several of them. Using a third-party data provider, the RedCoin platform will match the registration number and territory with the official record of the IPO and create the sale listing. Depending on your choice of account, we will advertise the availability of your marks and you can wait until you get a notification of interest, sale or offer. Buyers can also contact you via the secure RedCoin messaging system

It depends on whether you choose a standard account, where there is a small listing fee or a premium account, where you get some free listings and a reduced amount for others. After that, there are no more fees, but if the mark sells, a commission will be deducted from the price. The level of commission will depend on your choice of account